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Stories of Changed Lives

Children Sponsored through CAIM

Musimenta means, 'how can I thank God?' Jackie is a 14 year old girl in one of our programs at Children Alive Ministries (CAIM). Jackie joined our After-School Program as a third grader five years ago. Like many of the children in our ASP, Jackie and her younger brother Bruno struggled to pay school tuition. By the grace of God in 2013, Jackie got a sponsor and this not only helped her single mother who was stressed about keeping her kids in school, but more importantly, it gave Jackie the stability she needed to complete primary school. For a girl child growing up in Uganda today, this is a big deal.

She is now in secondary school. Currently, she is volunteering in our teenagers' empowerment program. The future is promising for Jackie. At CAIM, our hope is that children like Jackie will finish college and lead a better life compared to their parents.

Jackie Musimenta
Bestman Nkalubo

Bestman is a third grader that brings a smile to anyone's face within the first couple of minutes after meeting him. He is the youngest of four boys who live with their father. Since 2013, Bestman has been sponsored by a family. With the support and love he receives, he has been able to stay in school and receive some basic needs, such as food and clothing. The best is yet to come for Bestman and, hopefully, for his brothers.

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