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Sponsor a Child

Asha is the youngest of two children and lives with her mother, who is a single woman. She is in second grade and loves to paint and play an indoor game called snakes and ladders.

Asha Namaganda, 8 years old
Annet Guyika, 7 years old

Annet is a first grader who lives with her mother, who has struggled to raise her ten children by herself. She works at the lakeshore to raise money to care for her children. With this meager income, she is not able to pay school tuition for Annet regularly. Annet loves to sing!

Eric "Bubble" Ssagne, 10 years old

Bubble is a third grader, who in spite of a serious attack of cerebral malaria in his early childhood, made it to school. However, he struggles to stay in school because his father only provides food and other needs, not school tuition. 

Juliet Namigadde, 12 years old

Juliet is one of five children and is an introvert. She struggles in school mostly because she is sent home regularly due to school fee defaulting. Juliet is one of hundreds of girls in Uganda that is at a transitional stage; drop out of school or keep going against the tide.

Irene Nalubwama, 12 years old

Irene is a sixth grader who loves going to church and being a part of Sunday school activities. She is a hardworking child at home, doing all her chores very well for a girl her age. She loves going to school in spite of the struggle to stay in school due to lack of school tuition.

We now have an online donation option available for sponsoring our children! Visit this page to give online!

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